Holidays with Alzheimer’s – 3 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy Festive Occasions with Dementia Sufferers

Holidays for Alzheimer's

Halloween is just a month away, and immediately, the major holiday season begins in the U.S.

Celebrating holidays with Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers is challenging. Probably no other holidays trigger the emotions of the elderly like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe it is because these momentous holidays often dig up memories of their youth, or it reminds them of being together with an entire family, or loss of other loved ones.

These memorable occasions can bring laughter and joy, or they can become depressing and cause sorrow and tears. In addition, you might have children and other adults that don’t want to spend their holiday with someone who is suffering from a debilitating illness, such as Alzheimer’s. They might feel afraid, or they might not know what to say.

This article discusses how to enjoy the holidays with Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferers. You will learn what you can expect, and the best way to bring joy for everyone.


Alzheimer’s and Holiday Depression


Across the nation, people get into their cars and deal with heavy holiday traffic. They also endure crowded lines at the airport to try and visit family. During this same time, seniors who have Alzheimer’s or other related memory loss are sitting quietly in a nursing home, assisted living facility, or at home with a family member.

Some of them are also awaiting Thanksgiving or Christmas, but they realize that some or all of their family will have forgotten them. This can lead to holiday depression, and make their lives worse. What is the sense of living when your own family refuses to visit you? If you have a senior in an assisted living facility, or might be staying with someone else in your family, take the time to let them know you still love them and care about them. Try and visit them if you can, or at least call them.


Have a Talk with Your Kids


If you have kids of your own, you need to have a conversation with them about Alzheimer’s. The last thing that you want to happen is that they visit your elderly loved one and they feel uncomfortable around them. Alzheimer’s patients are also known to have emotional outbursts or yell at the ones they love. If you explain these situations to your kids in advance, they won’t feel frightened and might have a marvelous time.


3 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy the Holidays with Alzheimer’s Family Members


The best way to enjoy the holidays with an Alzheimer’s family member is preparation. You need to be ready for the encounter, and you need to simplify the time and activities for the best results. Here are some popular ideas:

• Enjoy a Quiet Time Together – You might first think that breaking out the CD player and music is a brilliant idea. Well, it might be if you are certain that this is something your loved one wants. Unfortunately, a lot of music or blinking Christmas lights can become distracting and annoying to some Alzheimer’s sufferers. Why not enjoy a quiet holiday? Save the party atmosphere for the New Year celebrations if your loved one can handle that.

• Share Photos – One terrific idea is to share photos. You can make photos of you and your family in advance and present them to your loved one. You can also use a digital camera and take some shots together with your senior loved one and bring along a decent printer and photo paper and give them an almost instant keepsake (You could also purchase another frame in advance for this purpose).

Speaking of sharing photos, why not dig out some of the old photos of your loved one when they were younger? You can get them digitally enhanced and framed. There is nothing better than having them looking at an event in their lifetime that meant so much to them.

• Skype with Other Members – If other family members couldn’t make it because they might live on the other end of the country with a big family of their own, why not connect them via the Internet? Skype has a powerful function that allows you to video chat with others for free. Skype also lets you make conference calls, so you can have multiple family members joining a call at the same time. That is an excellent way of bringing everyone together without breaking the piggy bank.


Holidays with Alzheimer’s – Conclusion


Make the best of your holidays with an Alzheimer’s family member. You can make it an enjoyable time for everyone. Remember to prepare most of your visit in advance.

Make sure you have photos ready. Check to see if your laptop and Skype are ready to roll, and contact your family members so they can all be online at the same time.

If you have kids, then you should educate them about Alzheimer’s. Holidays can also be sad times for many seniors. By following some of the suggestions in this article, you should be able to make it a memorable holiday for everyone in your family.




Hospice Care – Providing Peace and Comfort in a Senior’s Final Days


Some Americans are under the impression that hospice care is expensive. Medicare covers most expenses for most seniors. In fact, it can cover up to 100% of the costs. As long as a patient is medically certified as terminally ill, they are eligible for Medicare benefits.


What is Hospice Care?


Hospice care is a service for anyone who is terminally ill and in the last days or months of their life. Although, hospice care can extend a patient’s life, its goal is to provide loving support for anyone confronting an end of life illness.

Americans are finally viewing death and dying in more private and personal ways. Hospice care can take place in a home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

In addition, hospice care offers one of the most cost-effective alternatives to costly medications and traditional treatments in hospitals.


Why is Hospice Care a Good Option?


Once a senior is terminally ill, family members need to come together and decide what is best during the last days of his or her life. Here are the main reasons hospice care is the best alternative for most families:

• Comfort Care – The feelings of terminally ill loved one should come first. They need to feel comfortable during their end of life phase. There is a big difference between curative care and palliative care. Once it is determined that curative treatment will no longer help, a patient should be moved to a hospice facility. There, medical treatment can begin treating the symptoms and reducing any pain that a patient might have.


Hospice Care and Information for the Final Days


• Family Love – What better way to display your feelings and commitment to a loved one than to have them in a comfortable setting during their final days? Your loved one could be moved to your home where they are surrounded by people they know and love. They could also be moved to an assisted living or hospice care facility where a trained staff is there to care for them. Family members can stay in the room as long as they like, and usually, there is an extra bed that is provided for overnight stays.

• Cost Reduction – Whether we like to admit it or not, medical costs for seniors can become expensive for some families. Yet, we know there is no cheaper care than excellent quality care when it comes to a loved one. Hospice care can usually save families and Medicare thousands of dollars.

• Living Well – Forget about the notion of your loved one waiting to die. That might be the feeling a senior gets when entering a nursing home, but hospice care is all about living well during the rest of a senior’s life.


Hospice Care – Conclusion


Facilities such as Applewood Our House are available for loving families, who might not be able to care for their loved ones at home. Our professional staff members are available 24 hours a day for all of our residents. We are licensed in the State of Colorado for Hospice and Palliative Care.

Every senior deserves the respect of being able to live their final time on earth with confidence and comfort.


Outliving Your Money – Tips to Prevent Outliving Your Savings

Outliving Your Money

It can sometimes be difficult to prevent outliving your savings. There used to be a time when retiring was about accumulating your savings, and living off of it until you died. Unfortunately, the longer you live, the less money that you will probably have to maintain yourself each year.

Social Security money is getting less and most seniors’ pensions have dwindled, so it’s probably going to be up to you to ensure you have enough money to tidy you over and survive.

The questions for seniors should be “What have you done to save money in the past and what can you do now to ensure you will not outlive your savings in the future?

Tips to Prevent Outliving Your Savings

Usually, the only way to help prevent outliving your savings is to be proactive and prepare your finances in advance. Here is a short list of tips to get you headed in the right direction:

*  Work if You Can – Maybe you thought that retirement meant that you could just relax and travel around all of the time. Maybe some people can do that, but unless you have save a sufficient amount of money before retirement, you might have to continue working. If you are physically up to it, you should try to find some part-time work somewhere. There are many part-time jobs that are ideal for seniors, and won’t require a lot of work on your part, but can help you supplement your slowly evaporating savings.

*  Live Frugally – One big way to stop you from outliving your savings is to live within your means and cutback on luxurious expenditures. Do you really need 5000 television channels for $80 a month, when you could get by on 100 channels for $25? Is it necessary to go out and eat unhealthy fast food all of the time or wine and dine in expensive restaurants, when you could just cook some nutritious meals at home?

*  AARP – The American Association of Retired Persons is a non-profit agency that assists in the welfare of senior citizens in the United States. They have many ongoing projects and services to help seniors. For more information, visit their website at:

*  Last Resort – If you see that you are seriously running out of money and there is nothing you can do to close the floodgates, it’s time to ask for financial assistance.  You can receive food stamps fairly easily as a senior. The U.S. food stamp program is a nutritional assistance program that usually gives you a debit type card that can be used at most stores to purchase food. You will be given a set amount of money each month that can easily reach $150 for food assistance.

The food stamp program can go a long way in helping seniors with the most important part of survival. Don’t be ashamed about applying for food stamps, because it is a viable option provided by the U.S. government for those, who truly need it. If you are not physically able to go to the food stamp office, you can have the forms mailed to you, and you can return them by mail. Occasionally, you might get interviewed over the phone. It’s also possible to have a family member or friend go to the office on your behalf.In addition, the U.S. government offers many different programs to aid seniors. To see what they have to offer, visit:

Outliving Your Savings – Conclusion

You need to take charge of your life, and make certain that you will have enough money to continue to live. Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning. Instead, you should start today to see what you can do to prevent outliving your savings.

Dementia in Workplace

A Short Glance at the Damaging Impact of Obesity

Dozens of years of study and medical experience show how much obesity is damaging to health. The health costs of excessive weight in 2010 for the US is huge and is well over 100 billion dollars per year. What appears to be contradictory is the billions that are also spent on fat loss products every year. So there seems to be a war that is being waged for our health. Various culprits that only worsen this state of affairs are businesses that create processed foods and destructive drinks. There is obviously no secret that countless foods consist of high sugar and fat content. We will discuss several of the negative implications to health caused by obesity.

Millions of individuals in the US experience Type 2 diabetes, and the prime reason for it points to obesity. More younger individuals in their adolescent years are chronically overweight, and doctors are witnessing an upward spiral together with type 2 diabetes. Obesity may cause insulin resistance which is significant and a precursor to raised levels of glucose levels. The situation is made much worse with daily consumption of excessive amounts of sugar containing goods. Many institutions and people have tried to help make the general public aware of high fructose corn syrup in many drinks. There is just no comparing between high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar.

Other dangerous disorders which are often seen include damage to certain joints in the body. The primary places are the weight bearing joints such as hips, knees and ankles. Any time the joints have so much wear and tear, they will produce other serious issues such as arthritis. However, the solution is not always so simple as merely changing a destroyed joint. While huge numbers of people receive joint replacements, there is a higher chance for success with normal weight conditions. Certainly only a medical professional will make the final determination for those with abnormal weight problems. If a joint is replaced, what can generally occur are further complications after the surgery. The risk here is the heavy load on the artificial joint could potentially cause it to be unstable.

Problems are common relating to the heart and particularly high blood pressure. The problem with acquiring so much weight is it badly strains the entire body. The reason for this as it relates to the cardiovascular system is the excess fat tissue still needs blood for nutrients and oxygen. So that consequently causes one’s heart to work much harder so it can provide what is required. The high blood pressure is merely a result of this added demand brought on by the extra weight. Another typical result is a chronically higher heart rate due to the higher workload required.

The problem of being overweight is an overall highly adverse effect on all the body’s organs. These are merely several of the secondary effects taken from a long list of medical conditions resulting from severe weight gain.

Applewood Our House 5 - Applewood Our House North Arvada

Assisted Living Facilities in Arvada CO – Programs and Activities

Assisted Living Facilities in Arvada CO


Applewood Our House Assisted Living facility in Arvada, Colorado pays specific attention to those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Music therapy is a way to encourage seniors to listen to music that they truly enjoy. This helps us develop an innovative music therapy program for our residents.

As a result of music therapy, residents experience a higher quality of living, including increased social interactions, better sleep quality, better appetite, and fewer prescription drugs. This occurs, because of the body’s ability to go through a natural healing process, and forms a basis of a therapeutic program. This helps our residents feel better with less pain and less depression.


Applewood Our House Assisted Living Facility Has A lot to Offer


Applewood Our House Arvada memory care and assisted living facility offers a variety of programs and activities for our residents. We have scheduled visits to animal pet farms, bowling outings, fishing trips, a circus, and many other activities.

We are a pet friendly facility, because we know the importance of interaction between our residents, animals and children. This greatly improves the quality of life for our residents. Seniors need to get out and enjoy fresh air, and continue to participate in other activities.

Our residents are served three delicious and healthy meals each day. In addition, they are provided snacks. We encourage physical activity to help keep our residents as fit as possible.

Applewood Our House has transportation to help our residents participate and enjoy other events in the nearby community.

It is proven that music therapy helps our residents relax, and gives them a generally good feeling. Many of our residents are provided with iPods. Residents listen to music from their past, and enjoy watching videos and TV. They also love to listen to live music from Calvin Weatherall – The Hat Man, Christmas choirs, and others.


More Info About Applewood Our House


Applewood Our House has two assisted living and memory care homes in Arvada, Colorado.

Assisted Living Arvada - Applewood Our House

Applewood Our House Arvada
6435 Garrison Street
Arvada, CO 80004

Applewood Our House 5 - Applewood Our House North Arvada

Applewood Our House North Arvada (Applewood Our House 5)
6595 Garrison Street
Arvada, CO 80004

We offer some of the best assisted living care in the state, and music therapy is among many other types of care that we provide. We have five assisted living and memory care facilities. Two facilities in Arvada, two in Lakewood, and one in Golden, CO.

Visit our Applewood Our House website, or Call Us Today at (303) 956-9037.

Estate Planning

Planning Your Estate – 5 Documents to Sign Before You Die

What comes to your mind when you think about planning your estate? Unfortunately, for most of us, we think about dying. Although, we realize it is going to happen to us one day, we don’t want to plan for it now.

Estate planning basics should be talked about in every household, especially as people get older. Do you need to pre-pan for your funeral? What about having a will? What will happen to all of your things? How do you make 100% sure that your wishes are carried out as you wanted if you’re not there to supervise?

There are many things that need to be taken care of before you die, and planning your estate will take care of most of them. Since death is an inevitable, you need to make sure that your family doesn’t have legal complications over your passing, and that your wishes are fully respected.

There is often a misconception about estate planning. Even though it states what happens to your assets after you die, it also determines what happens to seniors in the event that they are mentally unable to take care of themselves while they are still alive.


Planning Your Estate – Why Do We Need Estate Plans?


It’s sad to see someone, who has worked hard to provide for their family all of their lives, only to leave their family confused when they are gone. If you are an average American, planning your estate isn’t at the top of the list of your priorities, even though it should be. You cannot take an “I’ll deal with it later” attitude, because later might come sooner that you think.

Over half of all U.S. citizens never get around to preparing an estate plan. Perhaps, some underestimate its importance, while others have never even heard of one. What do you know about estate planning?

You can choose the person that you feel will be responsible for putting your assets where you wanted them. Without an estate plan, a court will decide the fate of your assets and will distribute them as they see fit. That’s not what people want when they die.


Planning Your Estate – 5 Important Documents You Should Sign Before You Die


• Power of Attorney – This will give authority for someone to legally act on behalf of you.

• Living Will – A living will is a prepared directive for physicians and other health care providers. It allows you to be in charge of what kind of care and treatment is given or not given to you when you are too sick to speak for yourself.

You might want a “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) order given if you can’t breathe on your own, and you are terminally ill. You might not want to be kept on a ventilator or other machines if your own organs have stopped functioning. If you don’t have a living will, these decisions will be left up to others.

• Will – A will is a legal way of letting others know where you want all of your assets and belongings to go when you die.

• Living Trust – A living trust ensures that your estate won’t need to go through probate court once you are gone. You remain the trustee as long as you are alive. As soon as you die, it’s turned over to the person you designated to distribute your property.

• Guardianship Plan – In the event you were legally caring for someone, you can designate another guardian to take over when you die.


Planning Your Estate – Pre-Planning Your Funeral


Yes, you should pre-plan your funeral. What better way of planning your estate than to make sure that your funeral plans have been taken care of? Remember, if you don’t take care of this yourself, you place the full responsibility on the shoulders of your family.

You don’t want this uncertainty at the time of your death if it can be avoided. Your family will already be grief-stricken and they will need to make other arrangements, too. If you can afford it, this will give you peace of mind, so when you are gone, you will have a proper burial in the manner you have chosen.


Planning Your Estate – Conclusion


You should be planning your estate now. You don’t want to wait until you are incapacitated in any way, and it’s no longer possible for you to think clearly and make proper judgments. The fact that you are worrying about it now, shows that you are concerned. So, start looking into it today and see that your assets are looked after properly when you are gone, and that you get quality care if you are suddenly mentally and physically unable to take care of yourself while you are still alive.