shower safety for seniors

Shower Safety – 7 Safe Ways to Shower Senior Citizens


You need to develop ways in shower safety for seniors if you plan on taking care of them. One of the biggest senior health issues is protecting against falls in the home.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of three seniors will fall each year causing injuries. More than half of these accidents happen inside their own home, usually in the bathroom.

Wet and slippery surfaces are notorious for creating fall hazards. There are different actions performed inside the bathroom that require muscle strength and dexterity. Some seniors have extreme difficulty getting on or off the toilet.

Seniors are also at risk when they are climbing in and out of the bathtub, and this could be a tremendous challenge when they have problems with deteriorating muscle strength in their legs. As most people know, the elderly usually suffer some form of mobility difficulties in the hips and knees.

The CDC reported nearly 30,000 deaths were caused by unintentional senior falls in 2016. These falls are also expensive, costing the U.S. healthcare system billions of dollars a year. All of these statistics show the importance of preventing seniors from falling, and you should be prepared to do whatever you can to help your loved one.

7 Safe Ways to Shower Senior Citizens

The bathroom is a very dangerous area, and you need to arrange the bathroom of an elderly person, so that there are fewer risks of falling. Following some of these suggestions as safe ways to shower a senior citizen and bathe them. They could help save your loved one’s life:

• Replace Towel Racks – You need to remove towel racks that are within reach of an elderly person. Most towel racks are great for hanging towels, but they are not sturdy enough for a senior to grab onto when they need some support. If a senior loses his or her balance, the first instinct is to grab a hold of something that is nearby. If they try grabbing these regular towel racks, the racks won’t support their weight, and your loved one will fall to the floor.

• Install Grab Bars – Replacing most of the towel racks with security grab bars can help. That way, your elderly family member may have the ability to hang towels there and grab onto them in an emergency. Grab bars are best used when mounted close to the bath, and toilet. They can assist seniors if they are using the shower or taking a bath.

These bars come in various lengths and you can mount them at any angle. The important thing is that you make sure they are securely bolted to the wall.

• Apply Safety Mats or Non-Skid Strips – These are a must for any shower room or bathtub. Most bathtubs are designed for looks and not safety. They can become very slippery when there is water inside. Safety mats or non-skid strips make the floor much safer for seniors.

• Use Handheld Shower Wands – These are great because seniors can control where they want the water to go on them. Most of these have adjustable shower-heads, which allow them to adjust the force of the water spray. It also prevents seniors from moving around too much in the shower if they are standing. Also, in cases where the water might be too hot or cold, they can redirect the shower head away from their body until they adjust the temperature.

• Try Bath Transfer Benches – Bath transfer benches are used to prevent seniors from stepping over the edge of the bath tub. This sort of bench sits inside and outside the bathtub to allow seniors to straddle the edge of the tub.

• Sit on Chairs – Sturdy, non-slip chairs are great to have in the shower for seniors, too. This way it is possible to shower without the need to stand up. All that is required is a specially designed shower chair and a handheld shower wand.

• Use Raised Toilet Seats – A final method for safe ways to shower senior citizens is to use raised toilet seats. These are seats that make the toilet sit higher, and make it easier for seniors to get on and off the toilet. There are many different designs, the only problem is that most of these need to be removed and cleaned frequently. Another alternative is to have a toilet riser installed. These sit under the base of the toilet and don’t require any removal or cleaning, and the toilet sits high for anyone who uses it.

Safe Safety for Seniors – Conclusion

Most seniors want to remain as independent as they can. When they can live in their own house or together with their family it is much better for them. Therefore, anyone helping to take care of them need to understand safe ways to shower senior citizens.