Hospice Care – Providing Peace and Comfort in a Senior’s Final Days


Some Americans are under the impression that hospice care is expensive. Medicare covers most expenses for most seniors. In fact, it can cover up to 100% of the costs. As long as a patient is medically certified as terminally ill, they are eligible for Medicare benefits.


What is Hospice Care?


Hospice care is a service for anyone who is terminally ill and in the last days or months of their life. Although, hospice care can extend a patient’s life, its goal is to provide loving support for anyone confronting an end of life illness.

Americans are finally viewing death and dying in more private and personal ways. Hospice care can take place in a home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

In addition, hospice care offers one of the most cost-effective alternatives to costly medications and traditional treatments in hospitals.


Why is Hospice Care a Good Option?


Once a senior is terminally ill, family members need to come together and decide what is best during the last days of his or her life. Here are the main reasons hospice care is the best alternative for most families:

• Comfort Care – The feelings of terminally ill loved one should come first. They need to feel comfortable during their end of life phase. There is a big difference between curative care and palliative care. Once it is determined that curative treatment will no longer help, a patient should be moved to a hospice facility. There, medical treatment can begin treating the symptoms and reducing any pain that a patient might have.


Hospice Care and Information for the Final Days


• Family Love – What better way to display your feelings and commitment to a loved one than to have them in a comfortable setting during their final days? Your loved one could be moved to your home where they are surrounded by people they know and love. They could also be moved to an assisted living or hospice care facility where a trained staff is there to care for them. Family members can stay in the room as long as they like, and usually, there is an extra bed that is provided for overnight stays.

• Cost Reduction – Whether we like to admit it or not, medical costs for seniors can become expensive for some families. Yet, we know there is no cheaper care than excellent quality care when it comes to a loved one. Hospice care can usually save families and Medicare thousands of dollars.

• Living Well – Forget about the notion of your loved one waiting to die. That might be the feeling a senior gets when entering a nursing home, but hospice care is all about living well during the rest of a senior’s life.


Hospice Care – Conclusion


Facilities such as Applewood Our House are available for loving families, who might not be able to care for their loved ones at home. Our professional staff members are available 24 hours a day for all of our residents. We are licensed in the State of Colorado for Hospice and Palliative Care.

Every senior deserves the respect of being able to live their final time on earth with confidence and comfort.


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